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Vanderbilt Autism Resource Line

The Vanderbilt Autism Resource Line is a gateway to clinical and research programs and resources at Vanderbilt University. We serve families, caregivers, clinicians, educators, and others in need of autism-related resources at Vanderbilt. For information on autism resources external to Vanderbilt, contact Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

Local: 322-7565

Toll-free: (877) ASD-VUMC (273-8862)


A psychiatrist performing diagnostic tests on a youngster.

About the Vanderbilt Autism Resource Line

The Vanderbilt Autism Resource Line uses a single helpline to make it easier for families and professionals to find information about autism-related clinical, research, and outreach services at Vanderbilt University.

Family Services Coordinator

Speak directly to a Family Services Coordinator, an experienced professional who can provide information and resources about clinical, research, and training programs at Vanderbilt.

Available resources include diagnostic evaluation services, school consultation, parent workshops, and professional training.

Autism Treatment NetworkMonroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

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