People Who Make A Difference
These are all Metro educators that we have worked with! A big thank you for their work and efforts in the many ways they support student achievement, show they believe in students and respect and assist families in pursuing their vision for their child.
Photograph of Carol Garrett standing in front of artwork created by students
Carol Garrett - Lead Teacher, Kindergarten Inclusion. Carol has been teaching for 22 years and has held a variety of positions during that time. She helped launch the community based preschool program in Metro, has worked in a birth - 3 program and a vocational work activity program, when she was teaching in Texas. Bottom line for Carol is that she loves teaching and working with children.
Photograph of Marc Hayes
Marc Hayes - Lead Teacher, Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Marc has been teaching since 1983 and has also held a variety of positions throughout this time. He brings a high level of enthusiasm to his work. His background is in behavior modification and discipline intervention. Marc provides in-service training for Metro teachers on verbal deescalation skills and the use of physical restraint. Marc has a demonstrated strength in mediating disagreements among IEP participants and facilitating productive IEP meetings.
Photograph of Chris Lynes in a school building
Chris Lynes - Itinerant Special Education Teacher, Kindergarten Inclusion - Chris has been teaching for 22 years, having spent much of that time working with students who are deaf and hard of hearing. For the past several years Chris has supported students in the kindergarten inclusion program. Chris is known for her persistent advocacy in getting a student's needs met and keeping team members working together.
Photograph of Vicki Maddox
Vicki Maddox - Ed Assistant, Kindergarten Inclusion - Vicki left the music business to venture into the world of education and has worked with the Kindergarten Inclusion program for the past three years. While Vicki may be assigned to a classroom to help support a student with an IEP, she also manages to share her time and attention with any student in the class that needs assistance. Vicki believes she has done her job well when students are able to move on without her support. Congratulations to Vicki for recently returning to school to become a teacher.
Contact us with your suggestion for an individual or group of individuals who set themselves apart by making a positive difference in other's lives, without calling attention to themselves.

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