Through this listserv, you will have the opportunity to "talk" with others about issues, concerns, and questions you have.  Your message will be sent to everyone who has subscribed to this listserv.   Before you subscribe to our listserv, please read our user agreement.

Before joining the SPAN-TN listserv, which is called Spanfamilies, you must become a member of yahoo groups. When you click on the link below it should take you to the page where you can do this. After entering all of the information needed to become a member and you come to a screen that says Registration completed you will need to click on Continue to Yahoo! You will then have a list of options on how to receive the spanfamilies listserv via email and this is also where you actually join our group listserv. After joining you may need to edit your membership with Yahoo! or verify your email address with them. There should be an option for doing this on the right hand side of the screen. Once you verify your email address an email will be sent to you from yahoo! groups and you will then be able to get listserv emails.

So, click below to join the SPAN-TN listserv!!


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