Group of the Month


When a child has a disability, it doesn’t vanish when that child enters church on Sunday. The Mt. Zion Overcomers Ministry wants to empower parents and children to overcome special challenges through the Spirit of God inside them. We believe that every person has a purpose, and God does not exclude children with disabilities. We teach our teachers that all of God’s children have value, and work to empower all of our children to become full and fulfilled members of our congregation.

Many faith communities seem unappreciative of the challenges faced by families who have a child with a disability. The Overcomers Ministry participates in the interdenominational taskforce, All God’s Children, previously featured as SPAN-TN’s Group of the Month, which offers support and information to congregations to encourage and facilitate the inclusion of families of children with disabilities. We also provide guidance and support that extends beyond the church walls, into school and home communities, and when necessary, with the juvenile justice system.

The Overcomers Ministry recognizes that every person is a gift, and that we are richer for including all children, especially those whom the secular world often overlooks. The ministry is a collaboration of teachers, families and other “overcomers” and we partner with the Arc of Davidson County and SPAN-TN. We are blessed to have found a spiritual home at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, under the leadership of Bishop Joseph Warren Walker III.

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