The Nashville Community Parent Resource Center (NCPRC) is a nonprofit organization which provides training, information, referral and assistance to families and providers of children with all disabilities. Our intention is to provide parents and providers with the information, resources and support needed for them to become better advocates for their child.

The Center will help parents communicate more effectively with professionals, participate in the IEP process and obtain information regarding relevant programs, services and resources.

We Can Help You:
  • Understand your child's disability and special needs.
  • Understand the laws and regulations affecting individuals with disabilities.
  • Learn effective communication skills and techniques.
  • Prepare to meet with professionals to negotiate for services and programs.
  • Communicate more effectively with professionals
  • Access and obtain information about programs and services for your child.
  • Connect with parents and organizations in your area.
  • Find information in Spanish and other languages.
  • Connect with a Spanish speaking Parent Consultant or volunteer
  • Participate in the IEP process

What we do:

  • We offer FREE * training, information, referral and assistance to parents and professionals through the provision of:

  • Newsletters
  • Written information including fact sheets, handouts and materials about:
    specific disabilities, laws, rules, regulations, procedures and processes
  • Referral to agencies, organizations, programs and services.


  • How Special Education Works
  • What is Inclusion
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Parent Rights

Individual Assistance:

  • Provided by phone, in person, by mail
  • Problem solving consultations
  • Information and referral

* There may be a minimal charge for some materials.

The Center will hold workshops in the Nashville community (Churches, Family Centers, YMCA, Firehouses, etc.). For more info regarding workshops please view the workshop area of this website.

NCPRC is a partnership between the Arc of Davidson County and Tennessee Voices for Children, funded in part, by a grant from the US Department of Education.

For more information about the Nashville Community Parent Resource Center, contact Colleen Gibson at 615.321.5699 x 21 or

Staff at the Nashville Community Parent Resource Center are parents of children with disabilities

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