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Lori Swatzell

Lori Swatzell

Areas of Interests

Advocacy, education, family supports

Lori Swatzell is a special education teacher who works with students with mild or moderate disabilities. She knew she had found her calling with her first education job in the Doak Elementary CDC classroom as an assistant to the speech therapist. On the first day of this position, she enrolled in the masters program in special education at East Tennessee State University. She graduated in May 2010 and found her first job in a behavior modification classroom. She has recently accepted the Doak Elementary CDC teaching position, and feels that she is back where she belongs.

Swatzell spends her days helping her students with academic subjects such as reading, writing, and math, and she also works with them on life skills activities and behavior.

Contact Info

(423) 329-5033


Mosheim, TN