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John Donovan

John Donovan

Areas of Interests

Advocacy and education.

John Donovan is a System Administrator on the Enterprise Applications Infrastructure team with Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He studied Business Management and Computer Science at the University of Maryland-Europe Campus.

His volunteer activities include serving as a planning committee member for the 2011 Tennessee Adult Brothers and Sisters (TABS) Conference as well as supporting Special Olympics and MDA fundraisers.

John became legal guardian for his brother, Carl Michael, after a series of brain aneurysms left his brother paralyzed on one side. Prior to that, Carl Michael was self-sufficient with limited assistance despite mental and physical disabilities. Carl Michael lives in a rural area in Western Kentucky.

John lives outside the Nashville area with his wife, Karen. They have three children and four grandchildren who live in Florida and Germany.

Contact Info

(615) 887-4663


Fairview, TN