Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Clinical Training

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center has a distinguished record of training behavioral and biomedical scientists who are dedicated to solving problems of development and developmental disabilities. Center investigators are Vanderbilt faculty known nationally and internationally for their innovative research.

a woman teaches a young boy to read

Clinics Offering Clinical Training

Down Syndrome Clinic

The clinic works with families referred by their primary care provider and provides special care in a wide variety of fields, and assists patients in finding other services.

Fragile X Clinic

The Vanderbilt Fragile X Clinic is a new clinic providing resources for individuals and families affected by fragile X. The clinic is part of the National Fragile X Foundation Clinics Consortium.

VKC Reading Clinic

The Reading Clinic provides intensive, individualized, one-to-one tutoring using assessment and instructional methods proven by research to promote reading; serving primarily children through middle school.