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Circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms, or biological clocks, refer to daily cyclical variations or patterns of behavioral or physiological functions in animals and humans. Circadian rhythms are important in determining the sleeping and feeding patterns of all animals, including human beings. There are clear patterns of brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration and other biological activities linked to this daily cycle. The rhythm is linked to the light-dark cycle.


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  • Johnson Lab Home Page
    Cellular, Molecular and Evolutionary Analyses of Biological Clocks from the Carl Johnson Laboratory.
  • Society for Research on Biological Rhythms
    The Society for Research on Biological Rhythms was formed to promote advancement of basic and applied research in all aspects of biological rhythms; disseminate the important results of that research among scientists, to the agencies that fund research and to the general public; enhance the education and training of students and researchers in the field and; foster interdisciplinary communication; provide an environment for the exchange of ideas during scheduled scientific sessions at the biennial meetings, as well as during informal gatherings.

Video, Podcast and Images

  • Circadian Regulation of Learning and Memory in Insects

    Or, Sometimes Cockroaches Are Smarter Than They Look
    November 6, 2013
    Developmental Disabilities Grand Rounds
    Terry Page, Ph.D., Professor of Biological Sciences; Director, Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience

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