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Virtual Reality and Emotions Research Study for Adolescents

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Principal Investigator: Nilanjan Sarkar, Ph.D.

Other researchers: Zachary Warren, PhD


We are studying how the body responds when people play interactive virtual reality games, and what this tells us about how they are feeling. To do this we are asking teenagers to wear small, safe, stick-on sensors that measure heart rate, temperature, and muscle contractions while performing an interactive virtual reality task on the computer. Participants will also be asked to answer some questions about the games.

What is involved?:

  • Up to six 1 hour sessions at Vanderbilt
  • Completion of a cognitive task at the first visit
  • Caregivers will be asked to complete two questionnaires

Participant Criteria

13-17 years with autism OR who are typically developing


• Child will receive a $35 gift card per visit and a $35 gift card upon completion of all sessions • Caregiver will receive $35 gift card upon completion of all sessions

Visit Requirements

Up to six 1 hour sessions at Vanderbilt


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Contact Information

Amy Swanson, M.A.
(615) 322-6533

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