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Last Updated: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Principal Investigator: John J Rieser, Ph.D.


The Perception and Action Lab at Vanderbilt University is interested in how children’s singing changes when they can’t hear themselves.

Singing is a big part of children’s play and learning. As children learn to sing, they are actively learning to combine muscle movement and what they hear. We are interested in how children sing when they can and can’t hear themselves.

We will record both children and adults as they sing “The Alphabet Song” under two conditions. They will sing with and without listening to a recording of people talking that keeps them from being able to hear themselves.

The study will take less than thirty minutes per person, including five to ten minutes of singing.

Participant Criteria

Adults or kids ages 5 to 12 who like to sing as well those who aren’t sure if they like to sing. We also need adults!


If you come to Vanderbilt, we provide free parking. And wherever we do the tests, we provide a free book or toy as a small “thank you” for helping with this research.

Visit Requirements

One 30 minute visit, at Vanderbilt or a place convenient to you


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Sara Beck

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