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Executive Function in Children with Cochlear Implants

Last Updated: Thursday, January 10, 2013

Principal Investigator: Anne Marie Tharpe, Ph.D.

Other researchers: Uma Soman, MED


Executive Function abilities are a group of thinking skills that help people plan, problem solve, and set goals. These thinking skills might contribute to language development and school success. We are interested in measuring these thinking skills in children with cochlear implants. Knowing your child's executive function profile might help your educational team plan for success.

Parents and their 7 to 16 year old children with cochlear implants will be asked to:

  • Call for a screening interview & set up an appointment
  • Parents will answer questions about their child and family
  • Children will participate in game-like screening and testing
  • Children will pick a book or toy.
  • Parents will be sent a report concerning their child's language and thinking skill strengths and weaknesses after the visit.

Participant Criteria

Children 7 to 16 years old with a cochlear implant


a small toy or book and your child's personal profile of strengths and weaknesses

Visit Requirements

One 2 hour visit to Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center

Contact Information

Uma Soman

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