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KIDTalk: Is your child with autism having trouble talking?

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Principal Investigator: Ann P. Kaiser, Ph.D.


This is a language research study of Social Communication Intervention for Children With Autism Who Have Delayed Language.

What we will ask you to do:

  • Come to Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for assessments six times throughout the intervention.
  • Fill out forms telling us about your child’s development
  • Children will participate in daily sessions for 4 months at their school
  • Total time commitment is about 9 months

This study is funded by the National Institute of Health and is part of a research collaboration between the University of California, Los Angeles, Vanderbilt University, University of Rochester, and Cornell University’s Weill Medical Center.

Participant Criteria

4½ to 8½ year old children with autism spectrum disorder who have made limited progress in spontaneous expressive language after at least 1 year of intervention.


Assessments of language and cognitive skills and evidence-based communication intervention at the child’s school at no cost to you.

Visit Requirements

Around 6 assessments at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. Other visits are at the child's school.


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Contact Information

Morgan Lueck
(615) 322-8160

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