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Child Emotion Survey

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Principal Investigator: Bunmi Olatunji, Ph.D.


We want to know more about children's feelings. We want to know what things kids think are gross, and what things make kids sad or scared.

We are asking kids to do an online survey. Children will answer some questions about their feelings. We will ask them about what they might do or not do.

Children can do some questions, save their work and go back later. An adult can help children if they want or need it (younger children will need assistance on some of the questionnaires).

Interested parents please call (615) 343-5476 for more information.

Participant Criteria

Typically developing children between 5 and 13

with or without anxiety or depression

with or without help from an adult


Kids who finish are entered for a $50 gift card drawing. There is also an opportunity for parents to complete an optional questionnaire for an additional entry in the drawing for the $50 gift card.

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Contact Information

Megan Viar Paxton, M.A.
(615) 343-5476

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