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How does the brain learn a new writing system?

Last Updated: Monday, January 18, 2010

Principal Investigator: Bruce McCandliss, Ph.D.

Other researchers: Hilda Fehd, PhD, Francisca Serrano, PhD


In this study, we will ask you to learn a new writing system. This will help us understand the process of learning to read and its relationship with brain activity.

During the nine sessions we will ask you to:

  • answer some questions to determine if this is a good study for you
  • do some tasks that measure your reading and thinking abilities
  • learn a new "alphabet" over 5 sessions of learning and testing
  • wear a damp stretchy cap to record your brain's electrical activity
  • lie still and answer yes-no questions during an MRI scan

Participant Criteria

Right-handed adults, 18-40 years old

native English speakers

who have trouble reading, including dyslexia


$15 an hour plus bonuses and travel

Visit Requirements

up to 9 one-hour sessions


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Contact Information

Francisca Serrano, PhD

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