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Infants' language development

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Principal Investigator: Megan Saylor, Ph.D.


Studies in the Language Development Lab explore how infants learn to understand speech.

For this study, we are interested in how 19 to 21 month-old infants learn to understand when we talk about things that are no longer present.

Your child will be shown two toys, one at a time. One toy will be more familiar to him/her than the other. The researcher will talk about a toy when it present, then it will be removed from view. Once it is out of sight, the researcher will talk about it again. The same will be repeated for the other toy. We are interested to see how your child will react to the name of the absent toy.

The study involves a one-time visit of about an hour to our playroom on the Vanderbilt campus (Peabody College).

Participant Criteria

Typically developing infants between 19 months – 21 months

who were born within 3 weeks of their due date

who have had less than 4 ear infections

who hear English spoken at least 70% of the time


Children receive a toy or a book for taking part

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