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Talk, Talk, Talk: The Emergence of Language

Last Updated: Monday, April 15, 2013

Principal Investigator: Megan Saylor, Ph.D.


Studies in the Language Development Lab explore how infants and preschoolers learn and use language.

For infants we are interested in what infants understand about people talking about absent objects and people. To learn about this, we talk about objects and people when they are present and absent and record infants' reactions.

For the older children, we are interested in how children learn words and use language to learn. Sometimes, we play games with children in which we try to teach them new words for things, and then ask them questions to see if they have learned the words. We have children watch people talk about some toys and then we ask them about the toys. From these studies we gain information about the types of information children use to learn names for things. Other times, we have children explain ideas to see if it helps them learn.

All of our studies involve a one-time visit of about an hour to our playroom on the Vanderbilt campus.(Peabody College).

Participant Criteria

  • Typically developing children
  • 12 months to 6 years


Children receive a toy or book

Visit Requirements



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Meg Saylor, PhD

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