Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Free statistical consultation for Vanderbilt Kennedy Center investigators, members, students and postdoctoral trainees

Quantitative Consultation

Statistical consulting service for Vanderbilt Kennedy Center investigators. Investigators receive assistance both with proposed research and the analysis of data.

  • Suggesting analytic approaches for data sets.
  • Writing analytic plans and power analysis for grant applications.
  • Discussing experimental design of proposed research.
  • Discussing consequences of clustered observations.
  • Discussing sample size for adequate power.
  • Promoting the use of up-to-date analytic models when possible.
  • Assisting authors in understanding reviewer's statistical concerns.
  • Data entry and analysis consulting specifically for statistical expertise.
  • Helping researchers to appreciate commonly neglected problems.
  • Helping researchers choose appropriate statistical software.


Chun Li, Ph.D., Behavioral Stats Coordinator, Quantitative Consultation, (615) 322-2884

Lily Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Quantitative Consultation, (615) 343-3856

Mary S. Dietrich, M.S., Ph.D., Senior Biostatistical Consultant, Quantitative Consultation, (615) 343-1620

Warren Lambert, Ph.D., Biostatistics and Genetics Coordinator, Quantitative Consultation, (615) 322-7411