Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Free statistical consultation for Vanderbilt Kennedy Center investigators, members, students and postdoctoral trainees

Quantitative Services

These services can be accessed at multiple stages of the research enterprise: pilot study, proposal preparation or revision, training of staff, code development, data collection, data entry, data analysis, analysis interpretation, and results communication.

Services include:

  • Original research developing statistical and other quantitative methodologies
  • Application of these and other methodologies to other developmental research
  • Consultation on advanced issues of statistical, quantitative, and qualitative methodology
  • Continuing education on advanced issues of statistical and quantitative methodology for the study of growth and change
  • Design, write, and support original software for data collection and data analysis purposes
  • Contribute to the statistical and methodological literature
  • Collaborate with substantive specialists as co-author


Warren Lambert, Ph.D., Behavioral Stats Coordinator, (615) 322-7411