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Researcher testing a person with an intellectual disability

Psychological Assessment Support Services

The Participant Recruitment and Assessment Core (Core E) of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center includes a Psychological Assessment Coordinator position to assist investigators who are conducting research on developmental disabilities and human development.


  • Assistance in administering and scoring screenings and assessments
  • Training research assistants or coordinators on assessment instruments
  • Direct testing of study participants on a limited basis (5-10) to obtain pilot data or provide support between grants
  • Consultation on outreach activities that need assessment input
  • Presentations on frequently used or recently renormed assessment measures of broad interest
  • Participation on research teams establishing reliability on autism-specific measures
  • Oversight of assessment materials library located in Jesup


Evon B. Lee, Ph.D., Coordinator, Psychological Assessment Services, (615) 322-4487

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