Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Researcher testing a person with an intellectual disability

Participant Recruitment and Assessment

Provides investigators with increased access to clinical research populations through ongoing and new relationships with community and state agencies, medical and psychiatric clinics and hospitals, local school systems, local and state community conferences and events, and written and web-based recruitment materials.

Provides investigators with access to databases for recruitment purposed, and easy access to large-scale, state-wide, linked administrative databases on demographics and health related variables (e.g., birth death, marriage, hospital discharge) for pilot testing and research purposes.

Attention Investigators!

If you make use of these services or facilities, please acknowledge this support in publications, as required by the EKS NICHD. Sample: "This research was supported by [your grant number] and NICHD Grant P30 HD15052 to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development."

Community Liaison

The Community Liaison coordinates with recruitment service and registries to provide investigators with access to relevant populations and works with a wide variety of Vanderbilt Kennedy Center clinics, Vanderbilt clinics, and community services, e.g., school systems, health clinics, disability and advocacy organizations.

Developmental Epidemiology and Databases

Uses patient or agency databases to assist with participant recruitment. Provides technical assistance to clinics and agencies that are developing patient registries and databases for research purposes. Uses large-scale administrative state databases to assist investigators in addressing novel research questions.

Psychological Assessment Support Services

Includes a Psychological Assessment Coordinator position to assist investigators who are conducting research on developmental disabilities and human development.

Research Registry and Recruitment

Consultation on recruitment resources and strategies, web-based recruitment services through Studyfinder, contact with Vanderbilt and community clinics or organizations and staff training.


Elisabeth Dykens, Ph.D., Core Director, Clinical Recruitment, (615) 322-8242