Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

a research discussing facial recognition studies using eye tracking technology

Psychophysiology Services

Equipment for obtaining EEG and ERP data reflecting change in EEG associated with internal and/or external events in participants from six months through adulthood. Lab equipment includes two Electro Geodesics Inc. 128-lead EEG systems capable of functioning independently or as a 256-electrode system for integrating data with other imaging techniques (e.g., fMRI). Each EEG recording system includes a Dell PC with the E-prime software for visual and auditory stimulus presentation and an Apple computer for electrophysiological data collection and analysis.


  • Access to facility and equipment
  • Assistance in development of experimental paradigms
  • Assistance in testing procedures, data and analyses, and interpretation of results


Sasha Key, Ph.D., (615) 322-3498