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Clinical Neuroscience Services

Assists the investigators with state-of-the-art psychological and behavioral assessments including standardized assessment in such specialized populations as infants and children with autism spectrum disorders.

Assists the investigators in accessing and using four, highly specialized technologies that add new dimensions to their ongoing clinical research, specifically in genetics, human neuroimaging, psychophysiology (ERP, EEG), and sleep and circadian rhythm

Attention Investigators!

If you make use of these services or facilities, please acknowledge this support in publications, as required by the EKS NICHD. Sample: "This research was supported by [your grant number] and NICHD Grant P30 HD15052 to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development."

Human Imaging Facility and Service

Incorporates the expertise of the Vanderbilt Imaging Institute for Imaging Sciences to provide consulting in experimental design and technical support to perform imaging studies with children, adolescents, and adults, and animal imaging.

Psychophysiology Services

Includes equipment for obtaining EEG and ERP data reflecting change in EEG associated with internal and/or external events in participants from six months through adulthood.

Sleep and Circadian Laboratory Services

Systems, equipment, data storage and archiving, as well as two rooms outfitted for in-laboratory polysomnography with digital video-EEG-PSG systems to accommodate sleep and circadian laboratory services.


Adam Anderson, Ph.D., Core Director, Research and Phenotyping, (615) 322-8353