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Travel Awards - Eligibility and Application Process

VKC Travel Awards supplement other funding sources. Applications (letter of request) will be considered for travel to present at scientific conferences or meetings beginning January 15, 2014. A Travel Award will not exceed $250, and an Affiliate is eligible for a single Award between annual Science Days. Travel Awards are available on a first-come, first-served basis until funds set aside for this purpose are fully committed.


Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows:

  • Who are engaged in research with a VKC Investigator or Member
  • Who are VKC Affiliates (i.e., who presented a poster at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Science Day, January 14, 2014)
  • Who will use the funds to travel to a research conference at which the Affiliate is making a presentation


  • The VKC Affiliate submits a letter of request, co-signed by the VKC Investigator or Member with whom the trainee is conducting research. The letter should describe how the travel award would be used (conference title, location, dates, presentation title), and how the trainee’s research interests and research training would be served.
  • Letter of request should be submitted to Jan Rosemergy, VKC Deputy Director, for review and decision. (; 322-8238; PMB 40, 230 Appleton Place).
  • VKC Communications will notify Affiliate of decision. If a Travel Award is made, instructions for payment will be included in award letter.


Jan Rosemergy, Ph.D., (615) 322-8238

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