Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Policies and Procedures

Media Relations Services and Interests

News isn't always good. If you know of any situation that adversely affects children or families and needs administrative involvement and/or could result in media coverage, please contact us for help.

Parking Policy and Procedures

Policies and procedures for Vanderbilt Kennedy Center reserved parking places and obtaining special parking permits.

Research Study Participants Rights and Privacy Protection Policy

Policies and procedures for protecting the rights and privacy of participants in Vanderbilt Kennedy Center research studies.

Social Media Policy at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Policy and guidelines for the use of social media and social networking at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

Travel Awards Eligibility and Application Process

Eligibility information and application process for Vanderbilt Kennedy Center travel awards.

VKC Room 241 - Room Reservation Policies and Procedures

Rooms can be reserved for activities related to the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center's mission.