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Allison, John (Staff - Extended)
Mouse Behavioral Facility Core Manager, Basic Neuroscience Services


Baker, Courtney (Staff - TRIAD)
Research Assistant, Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD)

Bardett, Nicole (Staff - TRIAD)
Early Detection Study Site Coordinator, TRIAD

Beard, Tracy P. (Staff - UCEDD)
Assistant Director, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

Beck, Cole (Staff - Extended)
BioVU Support, VKC Clinical and Translational Core

Beck, Kylie (Staff)
Art Director

Blumberg, Sarah (Staff - TRIAD)
TRIAD Elementary/Middle School Program Coordinator; Behavioral / Educational Consultant

Burns, Scott (Staff - Extended)
Senior Research Imaging Specialist


Campa, Evan (Staff - TRIAD)
Educational and Behavioral Consultant, Families First TRIAD; Assistant in Pediatrics, School of Medicine

Chatfield, Peggy (Staff)
Fiscal Services Assistant


Dangerfield, Mary (Staff)
Coordinator of Family Outreach Center, Learning Assessment Clinic, and Reading Clinic

Day, Tammy (Staff - UCEDD)
Program Director, Next Steps at Vanderbilt

Drury, Bethany (Staff)
Research Analyst, Autism Treatment Network (ATN)

Dupre, Linda (Staff)
Director, Grants Development


Fleming, Laurie (Staff - UCEDD)
Program Coordinator, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)


Gardner, Elizabeth (Staff)
Speech Language Pathologist, Yoder Research Projects Coordinator

Garrett, LaTamaraJackson (Staff - TRIAD)
Program Coordinator, Early Childhood Training

Grau, Pam (Staff)
Program Coordinator, LEND Training Program


Harris, Nina (Staff - TRIAD)
Family Services Coordinator, Vanderbilt Autism Resource Line

Harrison, Julia (Staff)
Senior Executive Secretary
Office of Elisabeth Dykens, Ph.D., Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, and Co-Director, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Hart, Megan (Staff - UCEDD)
Program Director, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

Harvey, Sarah (Staff)
Director, TennesseeWorks Program

Henninger, Natalie (Staff)
Research Analyst I, Transitioning to Adulthood with Autism (TAA)

Henry, Patrick (Staff - Extended)
Neuroimaging Core Manager, Clinical Neuroscience Services

Houchins-Juarez, Nealetta (Staff - UCEDD)
Behavior Analysis Consulting Services Coordinator, TRIAD; Applied Behavior Analysis Program Student Coordinator, Department of Special Education

Hunt-Hawkins, Hailee (Staff)
Research Assistant, Prader-Willi Research Project


Ingle, Renee (Staff)


Jenkins, Rachael (Staff - UCEDD)
Dissemination Program Coordinator, TennesseeWorks

Johnston, Jennifer (Staff)
Research Analyst II, Tadpole Project

Johnston, Rebecca (Staff - TRIAD)
Research Analyst, Simons Simplex Collection Project

Jones, Dorita (Staff)
Research Coordinator, Psychophysiology Lab

Juarez, Pablo (Staff - TRIAD)
Associate Director, Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD)


King, Sue (Staff)
Administrative Assistant, Personnel & Fiscal Services, Administrative Services Core

Krech, Lindsay (Staff - UCEDD)
Job Developer, Next Steps at Vanderbilt


Lambert, Warren (Staff)
Assistant Director, Statistics and Methodology Core; Senior Research Associate,Special Education; Senior Associate in Biostatistics

Lentz, Lynn (Staff)
Program Coordinator, LEND Training Program


May, Elizabeth (Staff)
Research Analyst II, Tadpole Project

McLeod, Laura (Staff)
Director of Special Projects

Melo-Romie, Cecilia (Staff - UCEDD)
Statewide Spanish Outreach Coordinator, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

Meyerson, Carolina (Staff - UCEDD)
Spanish Services Coordinator, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

Moore-Slater, Carole (Staff - UCEDD)
Interim Associate Director, VKC Reading Clinic

Morton, Mary (Staff - TRIAD)
Educational and Behavioral Consultant, Families First TRIAD


Nicholson, Amy (Staff - TRIAD)
Psychological Examiner, TRIAD


Pottier, Amy (Staff)
Manager of Technology Support


Qualls, Lydia (Staff)
Research Assistant, SENSE Lab


Rabideau, Carol (Staff - UCEDD)
Social Worker, UCEDD
Field Supervisor, University of Tennessee College of Social Work

Redding, Jenny (Staff)
Program Coordinator, Center on Secondary Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (CSESA)

Roof, Elizabeth (Staff)
Senior Research Specialist, Prader-Willi Syndrome and Williams Syndrome Research Projects

Rosemergy, Jan (Staff)
Deputy Director and Director of Communications, Administrative Services Core; Director of Dissemination, UCEDD

Rowan, Jennifer (Staff - UCEDD)
Educational Consultant, TennesseeWorks

Ryden, Lori (Staff - TRIAD)
Administrative Assistant, Office of Zachary Warren, Ph.D., Director, TRIAD


Santana, Alexander (Staff - UCEDD)
Multicultural Program Coordinator, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder

Stafford, Tim (Staff)
Director of Operations

Stainbrook, Alacia (Staff - TRIAD)
TRIAD Early Intervention Program Coordinator; Behavioral/Educational Consultant

Staubitz, John (Staff - TRIAD)
TRIAD Behavior Consultation Coordinator; Behavioral/Educational Consultant

Stephens, Jeremy (Staff - Extended)
BioVU Support, VKC Clinical and Translational Core

Swanson, Amy (Staff - TRIAD)
STAT Project Manager, TRIAD


Tapp, Jon (Staff)
Director, Information Technology; Observational Methods and Reliability Specialist, Statistics and Methodology Core

Taylor, Courtney (Staff)
Associate Director of Communications and Dissemination

Thompson, Nicole (Staff)
Research Coordinator

Turner, Elizabeth (Staff)
Communications Program Coordinator


Vehorn, Alison (Staff - TRIAD)
Clinical Research Coordinator, TRIAD

Vogel, Ashley (Staff - TRIAD)
TRIAD Early Intervention Consultant


Wallace, Lisa (Staff - TRIAD)
Speech/Language Pathologist, TRIAD Outreach

Weaver, Lauren (Staff - TRIAD)
TRIAD Organizational Outreach Coordinator; Behavioral/Educational Consultant

Wendel, Kelly (Staff - UCEDD)
Program Coordinator, Next Steps at Vanderbilt

Williams, Bruce (Staff)
Scientific Instrumentation Core Manager, Basic Neuroscience Services Core

Williams, Roger (Staff - Extended)
Instrument Maker

Wilson, Amy (Staff)
Program Coordinator, Angelman Natural History Study

Woodard, Karla (Staff)
Grants Development Assistant

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