Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Lily Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics; Biostatistics Coordinator, Statistics and Methodology Core

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(615) 343-3856


S-2323 MCN

Lily Wang, Ph.D.


Lily Wang, Ph.D., provides support in design and analyses related to clinical trials, microarray studies, and other biological experiments. Dr. Wang did her graduate work in biostatistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before joining Vanderbilt in 2004, she worked in the Biometric Consulting Lab at UNC for six years where she collaborated with researchers from medical, public health and social science. Since 2004, she has worked with over 50 investigators and their trainees from the Vanderbilt Department of Neurology , Vdepartment of Obstetrics & Gyneology,and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center on the application of statistics for microarray studies and clinical studies. She provides training on the design of microarray experiments, the design of clinical studies, and the use of publicly available genomic resources at VKC and the Department of Neurology. Dr Wang maintains a broad interest in biostatistics and, in particular, the analysis of longitudinal and correlated data.


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