Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

R. Jay Turner, Ph.D.

Harvie Branscomb Chair and Professor of Sociology, Professor of Psychiatry

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(615) 875-7911


Curb Center Building
1801 Edgehill Avenue

R. Jay Turner, Ph.D.


R. Jay Turner’s new study is entitled Health Disparities and the Stress Hypothesis. In this study, Turner uses a lifespan perspective in an effort to understand potentially modifiable social factors implicated in racial and socioeconomic status health disparities. In his research, Turner also examines the two additional data sets of Drug Use Trajectories: Racial/Ethnic Contrasts and Physical Disability, Mental Health, and Drug Abuse. The first of these examines risk and protective factors for psychiatric and substance abuse problems from early adolescence to young adulthood, while the second considers the risk of mental health and substance abuse problems associated with physical limitation and factors that minimize and maximize such risks.


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