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Reyna L. Gordon, Ph.D.

VKC Research Fellow

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(615) 322-1324


227 One Magnolia Circle

Reyna L. Gordon, Ph.D.


Reyna Gordon’s main approach is to employ songs to compare the neural bases of linguistic and musical rhythm, and she is currently constructing a series of experiments to better understand rhythmic processing in typical adults and children, and in children with language development disorders. In addition, she is developing a set of procedures and manuals for EEG analyses, and provides training and consultations to lab users on implementing these analyses tools and methods.

Research Interests

  • Perception of sung language compared to spoken language
  • Comparison of neural bases of language and music
  • Rhythm and meter in speech and music
  • Song prosody and textsetting
  • Rhythmic processing in Specific Language Impairment
  • Roles of prosody and singing in human development
  • Time-frequency analysis of EEG data
  • Auditory processing in Angelman Syndrome and Rett Syndrome


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Reyna L. Gordon, Ph.D. is recruiting participants for research studies (4/18/201)

Much of the research completed at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center is made possible by the generous contributions of the people and families who participate in research studies. This researcher needs research subjects to complete the studies listed below.

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