Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Warren Lambert, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Statistics and Methodology Core; Senior Research Associate,Special Education; Senior Associate in Biostatistics

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(615) 322-7411


203 One Magnolia Circle

Warren Lambert, Ph.D.


Statistical methods and psychopathology. Warren Lambert, Ph.D., has coordinated the Center's quantitative methodology services insce 2002. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology. He has held appointments at Vanderbilt since 1992 and is the author or co-author of more than 80 articles and publications. His methodological interests include quantative problems such as propensity correction in cross-site studies, psychometrics, trajectory analysis, and quantitative graphics. He provides day-to-day administration of the Statistics & Methodology Core and as needed refers Center investigators to the Core's other statistical consultants.


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