Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Samuel Trent Rosenbloom, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics; Assistant Professor of Medicine; Instructor in Clinical Nursing; Instructor in Pediatrics

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(615) 936-1541


440 Eskind Biomedical Library


Samuel Trent Rosenbloom, M.D.


A primary research focus is modeling the anthropomorphic growth of young children using customized pediatric growth charts. Pediatric growth charts assist healthcare providers to identify children with abnormal growth. Once identified, healthcare providers can intervene to identify and address the causes of abnormal growth. Pediatric growth can be attenuated by many factors, including disability, medical disorders, and social/cognitive/behavior factors within families. Determining whether a given child’s growth is abnormal for a relevant special population requires that growth charts be developed for such populations. Currently, there exist paper-based growth charts for a few specialized populations, but these are challenging to implement into normal clinical workflow. In the era of electronic medical record systems and large healthcare databases, it may be possible to generate growth charts for specialized populations in real-time, as needed. Such growth charts can be used by healthcare providers to make relatively more informed assessments of child growth and by researchers investigating how weight (including birth weight) impacts subsequent outcomes. Rosenbloom is collaborating with the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center investigators, R. Urbano, Hodapp and So, using the Tennessee State Birth and Hospital Discharge databases to examine the effects of having low birth weight on subsequent hospitalizations among children having Down syndrome, among others.


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