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Lectures and Methodology Workshops

A major objective of the statistics and methodology services is training and education in statistical methods, ranging from basic to cutting edge.

The series consists of three types of lectures:

Primer lectures

Introduce researchers to a topic at a basic level, assuming little prior knowledge. Primers serve as a refresher course, or an intro into a new area.

Intermediate lectures

Target researchers with backgrounds in an area, or who attended an entry-level lecture in the area.

Partners lectures

Combine a Vanderbilt Kennedy Center researcher with a Core statistical consultant in order to attract researchers who might not attend an hour-long statistics lecture. The researcher introduces the research problem, and the statistician presents a twenty-five minute primer about an advanced statistical model and the results it produces. The researcher finishes with conclusions.


Warren Lambert, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Statistics and Methodology Core, (615) 322-7411.

Part of the Statistics and Methodology Core

Provides statistical consulting, research software and database development, as well as a quantitative education series, methodological toolkits, and statistical research.

Statistics and Methodology Core

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