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MIHOW Conference Features Presentations From VKC on Autism and ADHD

Updated on 12/10/2008 2:59:19 PM.

Source: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

The 2008 Maternal and Infant Health Outreach Workers (MIHOW) Conference took place November 19-21 in Burns, Tennessee, and was entitled, “Bringing Home the Gold: From Quality Research to Superior Home Visits.”

Evon Batey Lee, Ph.D., associate professor of Pediatrics and a psychologist with the Vanderbilt Kennedy Treatment and Research Institute delivered the presentation, “Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Identification and Intervention.” In her presentation, Lee defined and gave an historical overview of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), looked at diagnostic tools, typical coexisting conditions, and early signs and features of ASD.  She also spoke about assessments, evaluations, and effective interventions.

Lee and Steven Couch, M.D., assistant professor of Pediatrics and a Vanderbilt Kennedy Center member, delivered a joint presentation on the topic of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  The presentation introduced “attention” within a developmental context, addressed the features of ADHD in preschool and school-age children, discussed assessments, and provided information on behavioral and medical interventions. 

The mission of the Maternal Infant Health Outreach Worker (MIHOW) Program is to stimulate the birth and growth of low-cost, parent-to-parent interventions that improve health and child development for low-income families. Each year, MIHOW hosts a conference for site leaders and outreach workers. Participants come together for three days of participatory workshops, networking opportunities, and team building activities.

Using local women as its primary staff, MIHOW is a partnership between the Vanderbilt University Center for Health Services and community-based organizations in five states: Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and West Virginia. These local women—mothers who are trusted locally for their energy, integrity, compassion, and commitment to their community—visit pregnant women and families with young children up to three years of age in their home to promote healthy living and self-sufficiency.

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