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Carol Rabideau

Carol Rabideau

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence Represented at the AUCD 2008 Annual Meeting

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Source: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Many Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence (VKC UCEDD) faculty, staff, and trainees participated in and/or attended the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Association of University Centers on Developmental Disabilities (AUCD) that took place November 8-12 in Washington, D.C.  AUCD is a network of interdisciplinary centers advancing policy and practice for and with individuals with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and communities.

Presentations were delivered, posters were presented, and committee/special interest group meetings were attended to share expertise and to learn about innovative research and programming in the field of disabilities. For more detailed information on VKC UCEDD representation at the 2008 AUCD Annual Meeting, see the list below.

The AUCD 2008 Annual Meeting provided attendees with “ideas and tools to pave the way for a brighter future.” Aptly named, “Paving the Way,” the meeting brought together teachers and trainers, researchers and scholars, service providers and advocates, policy makers and historians, and artisans and visionaries from across the nation. See more information about AUCD and its meetings.


“Two Training Models for Special Education Advocates: Working with Families of Children with Disabilities”

Meghan Burke
Doctoral Candidate in Special Education
Trainee, VKC UCEDD

Barbara Wheeler, Ph.D.
Associate Director, University of Southern California UCEDD

This session focused on the growing practice of special education advocacy by describing advocacy training efforts at both the VKC UCCEDD and the USC UCEDD.  Burke and Wheeler discussed the various components of each training type, including similarities and differences, and strengths and weaknesses. The presenters also offered their ideas for future directions in increasing access to qualified special education advocates and the implications for the AUCD network. See Discovery, Fall 2008 for more on the VKC advocacy training.

Poster Presentation

“Implementing Follow-Up Programs: A Necessity for Effective Interdisciplinary Practice”

Carol Rabideau, M.S.S.W.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, VKC UCEDD

Belinda Tate Hardy, M.P.A.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, University of Tennessee Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities

This poster examines two UCEDD follow-up programs implemented at the University of Tennessee Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities and at the VKC UCEDD. The programs provided qualitative follow-up programs for individuals receiving diagnostic evaluations within a designated 6- month period, using a structured follow-up form developed collaboratively by the two UCEDDs.

AUCD Meeting Attendees:

Roxanne Carreon, Family Outreach Program Coordinator, VKC UCEDD
Elisabeth Dykens, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology; Interim Director, VKC; Director, VKC UCEDD

Pam Grau, Program Coordinator, MIND Training Program

Megan Griffin, M.A., Doctoral Candidate in Special Education; UCEDD Trainee

Laura Kriegshauser, Graduate Student in Deaf Education; LEND Trainee

Terri Urbano, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.N., Professor of Clinical Pediatrics; Director of Health and Mental Health Program, UCEDD; Director of Training, UCEDD and MIND Training Programs


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