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Pathfinder releases PSAs in Kurdish, Persian

Updated on 1/17/2013 2:47:20 PM.

By: Elizabeth Turner

The need for disability services in Tennessee is not limited to those who speak English. Tennessee Disability Pathfinder was aware of this fact when they recently created public service announcements (PSA) spoken in Kurdish and Persian to accommodate the growing population of Kurdish- and Persian-speaking residents in the Nashville area.

“Nashville has the largest Kurdish population in the U.S., 12,000 approximately, according to official data,” said Cecilia Melo-Romie, Pathfinder’s Statewide Spanish Outreach Coordinator. “The TV PSA is promoting the Multicultural/Tennessee Disability Pathfinder Services to people with disabilities of all ages and all disabilities. The (Kurdish) PSA is in classic Kurdish, understood by all dialects.”

Pathfinder staff member Aram Torabian drafted the scripts and supplied the voiceover for both PSAs. When translated into English, the public service announcements ask viewers of they have any need of information about disability resources and then gives the telephone number of Tennessee Disability Pathfinder at (615) 875-5086. Lastly, they inform the viewer that services are for all types of disabilities and all ages.

Pathfinder has created a similar PSA in Spanish in the past.

“That TV PSA is running indefinitely in WLLC Channel 42 UniMas-Solo Nashvillle," said Melo-Romie, "and the audio PSA is airing in West Tennessee on WGSF Radio Ambiente 1030AM.”

To view the Kurdish TV PSA, click here.

To view the Persian TV PSA, click here.

To view the Spanish TV PSA, click here.

To listen to the Spanish audio PSA, click here.

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