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Vanderbilt Kennedy Center well represented at the Ninth Annual Tennessee Disability MegaConference

Updated on 6/7/2011 4:05:27 PM.

Many of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s researchers, leadership, trainees, faculty, staff, and community partners participated in the Ninth Annual Tennessee Disability MegaConference held June 2-3. Presentations were delivered, new programming was launched, and exhibitions were in place to educate conference attendees on research and services offered through the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

For more detailed information on Vanderbilt Kennedy Center representation at Tennessee Disability MegaConference, see the list below. Vanderbilt Kennedy Center affiliated presenters are denoted by an asterisk (*). Members of the Center’s Community Advisory Council are denoted by a double asterisk (**).

The Tennessee Disability MegaConference is an annual two-day event that brings a wealth of resources for Tennesseans with disabilities together under one roof. Sessions are held throughout the two days and are designed to inform and inspire not only people with disabilities, but also their families and professionals. This year, tracks were developed that focused on specific topics. Each track crossed 5 themes: Personal stories of success; Resources for success; Successful advocacy strategies; Assistive technology to promote success; and Navigating systems for success.

For more information about the Ninth Annual Tennessee Disability MegaConference, including a full conference program and pictures, visit:

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Representation:

Track: Education - Pre-K to 8th Grade

  • Navigating the Special Education Process and Finding Appropriate Support
    Presenter: Meghan Burke*
    • The Impact of Grassroots Advocacy on Education Legislation
      Presenters: Carrie Hobbs Guiden**, Courtney Jenkins Atnip, holly lu conant rees**

    Track: Transition to Post-Secondary Education (9th Grade to College)

    • Overview of Postsecondary Education
      Presenters: Elise McMillan*
      • Supports for PSE
        Presenters: Tammy Day*, Dena Gassner, Ann Palmer
        • Success Stories
          Presenters: Kelly Wendel*, Next Steps students Michael Heroux* and Elizabeth Story*, and Teresa Schweinsberg

        Track: Recreation and Leisure

        • Personal Stories of Success
          Presenters: Mona Overstreet, Tammy Vice**,Chris Meyers, & Dennie Pickard

        Track: Transition to Employment Track (9th Grade and Beyond)

        • Business Speaks: Are you Listening? and Employment Success Stories
          Presenters: Stephanie C. Cowherd, Cathy Houser, Andrea Cooper, Carrie Hobbs Guiden**, and Cindy Gardner

        Track: Mental Health

        • Accessing Mental Health Services: Panel and Q & A
          Panelists: Megan Hart*, Robin Nobling, Libby Garner, Bob Currie, Alicia Kamar, and Mark Wolfe

        Legal Track

        • Special Education Disability Standards: Eligibility and Assessment
          Presenter: Evon Lee, PhD*

        Program Committee co-chairs: Lynnette Henderson* and Elizabeth Bishop

        Public Relations Committee chair: Courtney Taylor*

        For more information on the programming listed above, contact

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