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Chatfield Receives Commodore Award

Updated on 9/30/2010 1:39:20 PM.

Peggy Chatfield is Coordinator of Facilities and Reservations for the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, and one of her primary duties is the management of work and office space for the Center.

Peggy is one of this year’s recipients of the Commodore Award, Vanderbilt's highest staff honor. Presented annually to two full-time staff members, the award recognizes achievements and contributions of a significant nature by individual staff members. It honors select individuals who have made exceptional performance contributions to Vanderbilt University. There is an award recipient from both the University and Medical Center. Each recipient receives a cash award and an engraved crystal bowl.

The VKC recently renovated the lobby area and main conference room of the main VKC/MRL Building, and Peggy played a key role in the renovation project. She applied her determination and attention to detail to oversee project completion, and she initiated efforts that ranged from improving airflow in the building and significantly reducing energy costs, to seeing that the brass was properly polished on the lobby entrance doors. Several key components of the work had to be completed over weekends, and Peggy insisted on coming in to monitor progress, because she is committed to providing the best possible facility for our faculty, staff, and families.

While Peggy insists on attention to detail, she does so with the utmost respect for the people involved.

Peggy serves as a role model for us all through her commitment, determination, and integrity.

Thank you, Peggy. You truly deserve this honor.

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