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Interdisciplinary Training Conference in Developmental Disabilities

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Source: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2010
(followed March 17-19 by the NIH-supported Gatlinburg Conference on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)

Location: Loews Annapolis, Annapolis, Maryland

Application due date: January 2, 2010

We are pleased to request applications to participate in the first annual Interdisciplinary Training Conference in Developmental Disabilities (ITCDD). The ITCDD is funded by the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Branch of NICHD and the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research of the NIH. The Conference is organized by a consortium of NIH-funded T32 training programs and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Centers of NICHD.

Applications will be accepted from graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early-career scientists (i.e., five years or less past terminal degree) who are studying developmental disabilities and whose scholarly development would benefit from additional experience and mentoring in a discipline outside of their major area of concentration.

The ITCDD is designed to (1) accelerate the professional and scholarly development of scholars-in-training studying developmental disabilities; (2) promote the integration of behavioral science and neuroscience in the approaches taken by these scholars-in-training; and (3) provide ongoing mentoring and support to these scholars-in-training.

The day-long ITCDD will consist of scientific presentations from leading scholars whose research exemplifies the integration of behavioral science and neuroscience approaches, panel discussions on professional development, and presentations and workshops on NIH extramural funding and support for research training. The conference will culminate with poster presentations by the participating scholars-in-training. Opportunities for interaction with other scholars-in-training and with more established scientists will occur throughout the day. Scholars-in-training will also be matched with established scholars, who will provide post-conference mentoring.

Plenary speakers (and their topics) for the 2010 conference are:

Elisabeth Dykens, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University), The Behavioral Phenotype and Neurobiology of Williams Syndrome.

Melissa A. Parisi, M.D. (Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development), The Role of NICHD in Fostering the Next Generation of IDD Investigators.

Roger Reeves, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University), Theory to Therapeutics in Mice and Men with Down syndrome.

Participation in the ITCDD requires submission of the following materials: (1) a curriculum vitae; (2) a one-page description of the applicant's research interests; (3) a one-page plan of study in which the need for additional interdisciplinary training is clearly articulated; (4) a letter of support from the primary mentor; and (5) an estimate of travel and related expenses.

Only a limited number of applicants will be accepted. The most promising applicants will receive up to $1,000 in approved travel costs. Accepted applicants are also encouraged to attend the Gatlinburg Conference, which will follow the ITCDD at the same venue. Information about the Gatlinburg Conference and the venue can be found at

For additional information about the ITCDD, please contact Leonard Abbeduto, Ph.D. ( or Vittorio Gallo, Ph.D. ( Send applications electronically to Leonard Abbeduto.

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