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Your input can help the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center improve its services.

Your input can help the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center improve its services.

Survey of Statewide Needs for Services in Developmental Disabilities

Updated on 10/19/2009 3:29:14 PM.

Researchers from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC), in collaboration with the Tennessee Developmental Disabilities Network, are investigating the need for disability services in Tennessee. We would like you to fill out a survey. Your help will allow us to find out which needs are most important.

We want to learn what is most important to the disability community and about needs across Tennessee. We plan to use your ideas to shape our work for the next 5 years. Filling out the survey is a good way to report on how well your community is doing and how much aid may be needed. It is a chance for us to learn from one another.

We invite you to complete our survey if you are:

  • a person with a disability
  • a family member of a person with a disability
  • a person who works with individuals with disabilities
  • a member of a disability organization.

If you choose to complete the survey you must be able to fill out the survey on your own. No one will know what you have said. Your answers will only be seen by the Vanderbilt researchers. No one will know you are part of this study unless you tell someone.

The survey has questions about the need for:

  • services in education,
  • home and community-based programs,
  • transition services,
  • collaboration and information sharing,
  • collaboration and information sharing,
  • employment
  • funding, and
  • health care.

We will also ask about how ethnicity/race and language barriers affect getting the help that you need. We will report our results in group form. Please complete the survey by December 15, 2009.

You can find the online survey at:

You can ask for a paper survey by calling the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center at (615) 936-8852 or Toll-Free at (866) 936-8852.

Thank you for your help in planning for Tennessee.

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