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Tammy Vice

Tammy Vice

Tammy Vice Sings, "Don't Give Up On Me"

Updated on 9/16/2009 1:00:43 PM.

Tammy Vice is a member of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Community Advisory Council, the mother of a child with autism, and a singer/songwriter. Her song, “Don’t Give Up on Me,” eloquently illustrates the inevitable reciprocal learning that takes place between a parent and their child with a disability.

"Don't Give Up On Me"

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“This song was written because Swanson doesn't make pot pies in a blue box anymore. We were at a family holiday gathering, and we all fell apart that day because Morgan was not happy about Swanson changing the color of the pot pie box. I learned something very important from Morgan that day. She told me: ‘We can always try again.’ In all my years of trying to help Morgan fit in, it turns out I am the one who has been helped the most. I have received the gifts of patience, temperance, forgiveness of others and myself, just to name a few. I wanted to acknowledge how much I have learned from Morgan and to say thank you through this song. I won’t give up on her and she won’t give up on me” ~Tammy Vice

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