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teacher reading with special ed student

teacher reading with special ed student

Advisory Council on Special Education Presents Second Report of Recommendations to Mayor Dean

Updated on 9/2/2009 1:03:41 PM.

The Mayor’s Advisory Council on Special Education presented their second report of recommendations on how to best improve educational opportunities for students receiving special education services in Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) to Mayor Karl Dean, MNPS educators and leadership, parents, advocates, and members of the media on Thursday, July 23, 2009.

During the year following the first report (August 13, 2008), the Advisory Council has investigated a variety of supports, services, and programs for students with disabilities. The Council’s four working groups include:

  • Training/Development/Accountability
  • Extracurricular/Aftercare/Summer/Transportation/Gifted
  • Information Sharing
  • · Secondary Transition

In addition to the findings of the workgroups, information from the report came from participants in the Mayor’s Summit on Transition of Students From School to the Community. Summit participants included representatives of MNPS, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, and business and community leaders.

“The report represents the work of Council members, educators, families, advocate and other interested community members," said Wendy Tucker, Advisory Council Co-Chair and parent of a young daughter with disabilities. "Without the support of Mayor Dean, this work could never have been accomplished."

The report is designed so that students receiving special education services are given an opportunity to become productive members of the community once they transition out of MNPS and into their adult lives.

"We look forward to working with the Mayor's Office, Metro Nashville Public Schools, the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, and other interested citizens and groups to ensure that this report turns into action and is not just one more set of recommendations that gathers dust," said Elise McMillan, Co-Chair and parent of a 21-year-old son with Down syndrome.

To read: The Road to Inclusive Practices: The Second Report of the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Special Education, visit:

The Advisory Council is comprised of parents, advocates, students, educators, and other professionals working in the area of disabilities. Members were appointed by the Mayor in February 2008. They include:

  • Elise McMillan, Co-Chair
  • Wendy Tucker, Co-Chair
  • Danielle Mezera, Mayor’s Office Contact
  • Deidra Adamczyk
  • Debbie L. Brown
  • Deana Claiborne
  • Andrea Cooper
  • Linda DePriest
  • Betsey Everett
  • Sara Ezell
  • Kim Finch
  • Blanche Jackson Glimps
  • Megan Griffin
  • Tom Hannon
  • Mary Louise Hemmeter
  • Gregory C. Hutchings
  • Debra McAdams
  • Sheila Moore
  • Arie L. Nettles
  • Amanda Peltz
  • Jill Pittman
  • Erin Richardson
  • Holly Ruskin
  • Mary Jane Ware

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