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Britt Henderson Training Series, 2011-2012: Designing and Implementing Effective Functional Assessment-Based Interventions and Conducting Valid Functional Behavioral Assessments

Date: January 18, 2012

Time: 5:00PM to 7:00PM

Location: Room 241 Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, One Magnolia Circle

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Mary Crnobori and Andrea Capizzi

Function-based interventions are a useful strategy for supporting students in need of intensive interventions due to a range of significant and chronic behavior problems (e.g., noncompliance, disruption, low academic engagement or work completion; Kern, Hilt, & Gresham, 2004; Lane, Kalberg, & Shepcaro, 2009; Lane, Umbreit, & Beebe-Frankenberger, 1999; Scott et al., 2004) that have been demonstrated non-responsive to less intensive intervention efforts. Functional behavioral assessment (FBA) is first conducted to determine why problem behavior occurs, or the function or purpose the problem behavior serves for the student (Horner, 1994). FBA results such as direct observation, descriptive checklists (e.g., behavior rating scales), or structured interviews (e.g., teacher, student, parent), are used to determine the function (Bijou, Peterson, & Ault, 1968). The behavioral function determined in the FBA is then directly used to determine intervention strategies that are most likely to be effective. Function-based interventions refer to highly customized interventions that are constructed to address the function of problem behavior, and promote appropriate replacement behaviors that are equally or more effective in achieving that same function. Intervention strategies include structured classroom contingencies to support socially acceptable behavior, reinforcement for appropriate behaviors, and extinction or withholding reinforcement for problem behavior (Umbreit, Ferro, Liaupsin, & Lane, 2007).

In this two-part mini-series, we provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the functional assessment process; supporting research for the use of functional behavioral assessment and function-based interventions with varying populations; and one practical, step-by-step approach (Umbreit et al., 2007) to conducting functional behavioral assessment and designing and implementing function-based interventions with a high probability for success for addressing academic and behavior problems with individual students in your classroom.

*CE credits for BCBAs and BcABAs are available for these sessions*

Participants are encouraged to attend both sessions in the January functional assessment mini-module.

This annual series of workshops provides training for school teams that include both general and special educators. Workshops focus on innovative evidence-based practices to improve the quality of education for students with diverse learning needs. Founded in 1996, the Britt Henderson Training Series is made possible at no cost to participating educators through an endowment from the Robert and Carol Henderson family in memory of their son Brett.

Individuals and school teams are welcome.

For more information, contact Mary Crnobori at (615) 343-0706 or

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