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Britt Henderson Training Series, 2011-2012: Preparing a Supportive Classroom

Date: September 21, 2011

Time: 5:00PM to 7:00PM

Location: Room 241 Vanderbilt Kennedy Center/MRL Building

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Andrea Capizzi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of the Practice, Department of Special Education

Strong classroom management is associated with improved student learning and achievement and related academic outcomes (Brophy & Good, 1986; Downey, 2008; Hall, Lund, & Jackson, 1968; Sutherland, Wehby, & Copeland, 2000; Wang, Haertal, & Walberg, 1997), as well as positive student behavior (Walker, Ramsey, & Gresham, 2004; Wlodkowski, 1983). Strong classroom management skills are likely to lead to improved classroom climate and teacher job satisfaction (Ingersoll & Smith, 2003). Lack of confidence in classroom management can be detrimental to a teacher’s ability to use positive strategies and negatively impact their effectiveness as an educator (Martin, Linfoot, and Stephenson, 1999), and is a major factor for teacher “burnout” and teachers that leave the field (Brouwers and Tomic, 2000; Martin et al.). Classrooms with teachers who have strong classroom management skills are proactive and positive, orderly and purposeful learning environments that foster student engagement (Getting, 1986; Sprick, Garrison, & Howard, 1998). In this presentation, we review the core classroom management strategies necessary to promote optimum student learning and behavior. Topics include: classroom (a) climate, (b) structure, (c) arrangement, (d) established rules and expectations, (e) clear procedures and routines, and (f) proactive behavior management strategies. Supporting literature for varying student age groups and characteristics will be provided for these strategies. The Classroom Plan Appraisal Worksheet (PAW; Capizzi, 2009), a worksheet for planning for effective classroom management, will be discussed and provided for participants.

*CE credits for BCBAs and BcABAs are available for this session*

This annual series of workshops provides training for school teams that include both general and special educators. Workshops focus on innovative evidence-based practices to improve the quality of education for students with diverse learning needs. Founded in 1996, the Britt Henderson Training Series is made possible at no cost to participating educators through an endowment from the Robert and Carol Henderson family in memory of their son Brett.

Individuals and school teams are welcome.

For more information, contact Mary Crnobori at (615) 343-0706 or

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