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Britt Henderson Training Series, 2010-2011: Using Simple Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

Date: March 02, 2011

Time: 5:00PM to 7:00PM

Location: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, MRL 241

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Student engagement leads to improved social and cognitive development, and enhanced learning and achievement (Finn, 1993; Marks, 2000; Newmann, 1992). Despite the importance of student engagement, a long line of research has documented low levels of engagement in US classrooms (e.g., Goodlad, 1984; Steinberg, 1996), and increasing student engagement continues to be a challenge for educators (Sax, Astin, Korn, & Mahoney, 1997). For example, behavior problems are more likely to emerge when school work is either too easy or too difficult. In this presentation, we explore how teachers can examine their own teaching style and student-teacher interactions in an effort to proactively support student engagement and behavior. We introduce a host of strategies teachers can use, including: active supervision, proximal control, positive reinforcement and appropriate use of praise, “with-it-ness”, providing opportunities to respond; and instructive feedback and error correction. *Please bring a school-site team or one other member of your faculty.

For more information, contact Mary Crnobori at (615) 343-0706.

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