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Britt Henderson Training Series, 2010-2011: Setting Up Your Classroom for Success

Date: October 06, 2010

Time: 5:00PM to 7:00PM

Location: Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, MRL 241

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Lack of confidence in classroom management skills can be a detriment to a teacher’s ability to use positive strategies and negatively impact their effectiveness as an educator (Martin, Linfoot, and Stephenson, 1999). More than half of first-year teachers report wanting more practical training before beginning their first year of teaching, and after their first year 61% wished they had additional classroom management training (Harris, 1991). Teachers with low self-efficacy regarding classroom management skills are more likely to experience teacher “burnout” and to leave the field than teachers who feel confident and capable (Brouwers and Tomic, 2000). In this presentation, we review core classroom management strategies necessary to set up a classroom for successful student learning and behavior outcomes. We include topics such as physical room arrangement, classroom climate, student transitions, supervision and monitoring, approach to discipline, and managing paperwork. Supporting literature for these strategies across the K-12 educational continuum will be provided. Participants will learn step-by-step procedures for implementing core strategies, as well as a complete a self-assessment that includes practical suggestions for determining which procedures to employ and feasible guidelines for monitoring outcomes in their classroom. *Please bring a school-site team or one other member of your faculty.

For more information, contact Mary Crnobori at (615) 343-0706.

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