SENSE Lab: Social Emotional Neuroscience Endocrinology

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Let us know if you want to learn more about participating in our research.

Interested in participating in one of our research studies?

We invite 8-12 year old children with autism or typical development to be part of our research about how children play together! Participation involves visits to Vanderbilt:

  1. Psychological Testing
    (1-2 hours), get $20
  2. Social Interaction or play!
    (1 hour), get $20
  3. Research MRI
    (2 hours), get gift cards for your child
  4. (Optional) Hormone administration with blood draws
    (2 hours) 3 visits, get $20 per visit

*Participate in all or some of the visits

This is a great way to learn about science and help other kids!

For more details please contact:

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Vanderbilt Kennedy Center