Project WRITE

Welcome to Project WRITE. On this website, you can access lesson plans and support materials for story and persuasive writing strategies designed to improve the writing and self-regulation behaviors of students in early elementary grades (1-3). Lesson plans and support materials are provided both for working individually with students having difficulties with behavior and writing, and for classwide self-regulated strategy instruction in inclusive classrooms.

The writing strategies presented on this website are used with the Self-Regulated Strategies Development (SRSD) approach. SRSD is an evidence-based approach to teaching students self-regulation strategies while simultaneously teaching them content or subject strategies. Our focus has been on helping students who struggle with writing learn to use powerful self-regulation and writing strategies and improve their attitudes toward writing and themselves as writers.

For over 25 years, researchers have worked with teachers to study the effects of the SRSD approach for students in 2nd grade through high school. In addition to helping students who struggle with writing, the SRSD approach has helped students with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), students with learning disabilities, and normally achieving writers. Using the SRSD appproach, students typically improve their attitudes about writing, increase the quality of their written compositions, increase their knowledge about writing, spend more time planning their writing, and write longer compositions.

Recently, our team has worked with schools implementing a Positive Behavior Support model. For two years, we used the SRSD approach as a tier two intervention and worked with students individually. The third year, we trained second and third grade teachers to implement SRSD in their inclusive classrooms with all of their students. We have had such positive results that we wanted to share the lessons and how we adapted instruction when we worked with students individually and then implemented the SRSD approach classwide.

In this site, you will find information and links to an overview of SRSD instruction and our lesson plans and materials. We explain the strategies, some accommodations that can be made when teaching students, and emphasize the importance of you, the teacher, adapting the strategies to meet your students’ needs and your teaching style. There are also links to the different support materials that accompany the lessons. You are welcome to use these materials. If you do, please let us know how this worked for you.