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Disability Etiquette

The practice of interacting with a person with a disability with respect and courtesy.

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder provides community training and presentations on disability etiquette and people-first language. For more information on community trainings and presenations please contact us at or 1-800-640-4636.

Pathfinder Resources

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Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD) - Portrayal of People with Disabilities

The Association of University Centers on Disability resouces on disability etiquette.

Disability Etiquette Brochure

This brochure, published by the Tennessee Disability Coalition, gives a very good summary of proper etiquette for engaging with persons with disabilities.

Disability Is Natural

Disability Is Natural is website developed by Kathie Snow and BraveHeart Press which advocates and educates people-first language and disability etiquette.


An advocacy organization that seeks inclusion and postive potrayals of people with disabilities in the arts and media.

R-Word | Spread the Word to End the Word

A campaign to advocate against the use of inappropriate and insensitive language regarding people with disabilities.

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