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Religion and Spirituality Resources for Individuals and Families

Programs that provide opportunities for people with disabilities and their families to satisfy their inner needs and enhance their spiritual growth through the practice of organized religion or through independent spiritual pursuits.

"A Spiritual Key for Autism"

"A Spiritual Key for Autism" is an article by Melissa Gray, a mother of daughter with Autism, discusses the spiritual needs of her daughter.


Beliefnet is a comprehensive resource about faith communities. Search "disabitilies" to find a broad range of related discussion topics, articles, blogs, and videos.

Bethesda Institute

The Bethesda Institute is an outreach through the National Christian Resource Center that provides training and resources for people with disabilities. The Bethesda Blog is written by experts in the field of disability and religion, including ministers and people with disabilities. Bloggers cover various topics from current news to personal stories.

Council for Jews with Special Needs

The mission of the Council For Jews With Special Needs is to provide programs, resources and support to help all Jews with disabilities and their families to fulfill their spiritual, cultural and religious needs.


Disability Resources is a nonprofit organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability, and accessibility of information.

Faith for All

This program works to accelerate congregation accessibility so people with disabilities and their families can have deeper access into the community life of a congregation. provides various resources on disabilities and faith communities.

Joni and Friends

Christian ministry geared toward inclusion of individuals with disabilities and provides training to congregations about inclusion.

Lift Disability Network

Lift Disability Network is a consortium of Christian organizations working in disability ministry.

The Inclusive Church

A blog that help churches and families become a more inclusive faith community.

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