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Dealing with the Diagnosis

Resources to help families understand autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities diagnoses.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Talk to the provider (psychologist, neurologist, pediatrician, or family medicine physician) that diagnosed your family member to find out about important next steps. You can also talk to your child’s pediatrician, early intervention team, or school team about therapies and services.

Autism Speaks has a “100 Day Kit” for families of newly diagnosed children. It talks about important things to think about and steps to take in the 100 days following a new diagnosis. You can access the kit for free by clicking here. You can also request a free paper copy from Autism Speaks.

Handling Tough Emotions

Having a child or loved one diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder can be very stressful for a family. Research has shown that parents may have feelings of stress and sadness for a long time after getting a diagnosis for their child. It is important for parents to take care of themselves just like they work to take care of their child or family member with autism specturm disorder. If you feel like you need help coping with feelings of stress, sadness, or worry, talk to your doctor or find a local support group. Some organizations also offer sibling support groups and events to educate brothers and sisters about a sibling’s diagnosis.

Getting connected to other families

Below are resources to help you connect with other families that have loved ones with autism spectrum disorder

Connect with an Autism Society in your area

Tip sheets and resources for families